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!#1st Energy Conversion with Plots Spreadsheet 1.1

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Description: This spreadsheet calculates thermodynamic and transport properties of a few gaseous, liquid and solid species (TP), according to International units. The user can analyze power cycles (Carnot, Brayton, Otto, Diesel and MHD), power cycle components and processes (compression, combustion and expansion) and compressible flow (velocity of sound, Mach number, stagnation and static properties, nozzle, normal shock, diffuser and thrust).In this spreadsheet, the technical performance plots are provided so that the user can quickly observe trends and changes of the major input and output values/parameters on the performance when analyzing power cycles, power cycle components/processes and compressible flow.Required MS Excel or higher and/or other spreadsheet compatible applicationsThis spreadsheet should prove to be a good tool for those who are involved at various levels with design, operation and management of energy conversion systems (power and propulsion systems). It should provide you with the opportunity to more quickly, easily and effectively do your work, explore more options, save time and give more confidence in carrying out your calculations.
Keywords: energy,conversion,with,plots,spreadsheet,engineering,software,home,education,science,energyconversionwithplotsspreadsheet 1.1
Category: System Utilities :: Printer
Platform: Windows
Type: Shareware Cost: $24.99 US
Size: 1240 K Released: 2006-10-15
Company: Engineering Software

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