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!#1st WinFax PRO Macro for Word XP-2000-2003 4.0

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Description: Send faxes directly from Microsoft Word 2000/XP/2003 and WinFax PRO with ease! Automatically retreive the fax number and name from your Microsoft Word documents, never having to retype a fax number in WinFax again! You can also send bulk mail merge faxes using your Outlook contacts or other fax database listing. You get a fax icon on your toolbar and menu for one-click faxing directly from Microsoft Word.Some of the supported features: - WinFax icon on the toolbar and within the File menu. One click faxing.- Define Word styles for automated faxing. You can apply styles to a Word document, the macro will automatically retrieve the fax number and name styles and populate the Send dialog box automatically. You can even bypass the WinFax dialog box completely!- Support for Internet faxing with Concord Faxing service. You can now even send your fax merges via the Concord Internet Fax service!- Compatible with Microsoft Word 2000, Word XP (2002) and Word 2003.- Support for the Photo Quality fax printer with WinFax PRO 10 or WinFax Basic Edition 10. Send your faxes using the highest quality available. Also supports ClearFax photo quality fax driver.- Secured with a Digital ID supporting the High Security Level in Office. No annoying security warning dialog boxes when set at High security level! - Simple full featured install and uninstall program included, with no spy-ware or unwanted third party add-ons!- Access to unlimited, free online technical support forum. Post messages for experts ready to answer your questions.- Compatible with almost all WinFax and TalkWorks versions! Supports WinFax Basic Edition included with Norton SystemWorks 2001 and 2002, WinFax PRO 8.02, 9.0x, 10.0x, and TalkWorks PRO 2.0 or 3.0. If you are using WinFax PRO 10.02 it is recommended to update to release 10.03 or later for fax merge compatibility.You will receive a valid Registration Number to enable the software immediately with your c...
Keywords: winfax,pro,macro,for,word,xp-2000-2003,getfaxing,com,business,finance,word,processing,winfaxpromacroforwordxp-2000-2003
Category: System Utilities :: Backup & Restore
Platform: Windows
Type: Shareware Cost: $39.95 US
Size: 1240 K Released: 2006-10-15
Company: GetFaxing.com

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