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!#1st Recomposit 4.0

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Description: Recomposit is a masking and composition tool, it support two advanced masking (digital matting) methods: Bluescreen and inside/Outside edge. Recomposit help you isolate the forground subjects from background with all edge information keeped, such as hair and semitransparent area. The Recomposit also provide full environment for further composition without other software's supports. In extended edition, the Recomposit support Photoshop as its plugins.Features & Samples Bluescreen matting (chroma key) Inside/Outside matting Support complex edge and semitransparent Support inverse calculation of foreground color Composition environment based on layer structure. Repair or erase object by inpainting selection. Simulate lens blur in background. Execute Turbo Photo as external enhancement tool. Run as photoshop plugin, (support Adobe PS 3.0 and above, Image Ready ) *Extende edition
Keywords: recomposit,stepok,multimedia,design,image,editing,recomposit
Category: System Utilities :: Backup & Restore
Platform: Windows
Type: Shareware Cost: $35.00 US
Size: 1240 K Released: 2006-10-15
Company: stepok

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