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!#1st Multiple Database Query Analyzer 2.1

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Description: Multiple Database Query Analyzer allows you to access different types of databases. It can access SQL, Oracle, MySQL, and Access Allows user to create and save different profiles and query's. Data can be exported to all different databases including text. The query analyzers will run all query's or only query's highlighted by the user. Data output can be viewed in Plain Text or a Data Grid. Options allow quarries to be automatically saved. This is the best query analyzers to use if you have to work with may different types of databases. Features Include: * Run Queries on Multiple Databases, Including SQL, Access, MySQL, Oracle * Automatically save queries used * Have multiple profiles for different databases. * Export Data queried from database. * Database Tools * Find Value in Database Find Value in Database will find one or all instances of a value in a database. It searches the entire database for the value specified in the search string text box. To use Find Value in Database enter in the server name into the text box labeled #Server#. Enter a Database name in the text box labeled #Database#. Enter a user name into the text box labeled in #User Name# and a password in the text box labeled #Password#. You can leave the User Name and Password text boxes blank if authentication is not required. Then Enter in a value you would like to search for in the #Search String# text box. If you would like to check the system tables check the check box labeled #Check Systems# and if you would like to find ever occurrence of specified value, check the check box labeled #Find All#. If this check box is not checked then once the specified value is found the search will stop. When the value is found the entire table name containing the vale is returned, the entire row containing the data is also returned. Once all the text box have been filled in click the Find button and the search will being. Click t...
Keywords: multiple,database,query,analyzer,vsisoftware,com,home,education,miscellaneous,multipledatabasequeryanalyzer 2.1
Category: Network & Internet :: File Sharing/Peer to Peer
Platform: Windows
Type: Shareware Cost: $29.95 US
Size: 1240 K Released: 2006-10-15
Company: Vsisoftware.com

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