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!#1st CD Anywhere Personal Edition 3.0

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Description: CD Anywhere - Create Your CD Image And Virtual CD-ROM Run your CDs Anywhere, Anytime - without the CDs! With CD Anywhere, you can create CD images, virtual CD-ROM drives on your hard drive and burn images to discs. CD Anywhere makes it possible to work with CDs and CD-ROM drives without having the CDs and CD-ROM drives being physically present at all times. They need to be available only during the copy process of a CD image to a hard drive. It's useful to you if you have some ISO CD/DVD image files. No need to burn them onto discs.CD Anywhere supports program, game, music CD and Video DVD image now!BenefitsMusic CDs Listen to your favorite music while using other physical and/or CD Anywhere's virtual CD-ROM drives for any other purposes, such as running or installing an application, saving other music CDs to your hard disk, and more!Works with standard audio formats, including music CDs, MP3, WAV, and multi-session CDs used by some of the hottest artists today.Compose your own CD images by adding and removing CD tracks from a music CD image, with ISO, MP3 and WAV tracks.Play your music CD images while using other program CD images or physical CD drive at the same time!Uses any encoders you have already installed to convert music tracks to MP3 or other encodings that are available.Video DVDsEnjory your favorite movie while using other physical and/or CD Anywhere's virtual DVD-ROM drives for any other purposes, such as copying or backuping your favorite DVD movie, saving other DVD to your hard disk, and more!Supports UDF/ISO Video DVDs.Releases from region and CSS encrpytion protection automaticly. Allows reading DVD which is larger then 4GB. Programs and Data CDs Supports ISO data CDs, DVD-ROMs, VCD, Multi-session CDs, and mixed mode CDs.Avoids the need to find and load a physical CD when your application "requires" you to do so - just point to your CD Anywhere virtual drive.Games...
Keywords: cd,anywhere,personal,edition,alpeak,technology,utilities,file,disk,management,cdanywherepersonaledition 3.0
Category: Graphic Apps :: Other
Platform: Windows
Type: Shareware Cost: $0.00 US
Size: 1240 K Released: 2006-10-15
Company: Alpeak Technology

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