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!#1st Magic Ball 2 2.11

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Description: Magic Ball 2 -There are a lot of alternative parallel worlds that exist in our universe. We live in a world where science and technology rule. But there are other worlds where magic, telepathy and other paranormal activity are quite normal. An evil mage from the magic world stole parts of our world. The sorcerer took animals, items and even landscapes from our "reality". He then placed all his loot inside the enchanted castle in different places. The only way to take things back is to use the magic ball that will undo his spells. Only you can make our world the way it was before. Magic Ball 2 Features:-100 levels with unique 3D graphics -6 types of cute animated characters -Original power ups and weapons -Joystick support -Fireworks, Teleports, Fire and Water block e.t.c.
Keywords: arcanoid, 3d, remake, magic, ball, classic, game, advanced, entertainment,magicball 2,magicball free,magicball free game,magicba
Category: Development :: Help Tools
Platform: Windows
Type: Shareware Cost: $19.95 US
Size: 3262 K Released: 2006-10-15
Company: Alawar Entertainment

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