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!#1st Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006 03 October

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Description: Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006 review:4 stars (Nice upgrade to a good product) - I have been a Streets & Trips user for at least four versions (probably more, but I remember back to 2003, so I will stick with that). It seems I get hooked into getting a new version every time I see one at Sam's. A few years ago, I got a GPS unit and have loved the integration with newer versions of Streets & Trips.On the whole, I purchased this version of S&T primarily for the voice directions. As I am normally the navigator in the car (wife loves to drive), I will probably never use this feature that much, but it is nice to have.What I find most useful:* Drag and drop rerouting. So much fun to be able to reset my path without having to add mutliple "stops" in between. Still not perfect, but a much needed addition.* Driving Guidance pane: Nice having something pop up that does not take over the map (like our Honda Odysee does - showing my geekness now?).* Locate me. If you use WiFi on your laptop (who doesn't) and can find a network, you can get a good idea of where you are. I may be the only one who thinks this is cool (esp. when you can always plug in GPS, but I think it is cool).* Night map style. Nothing really special, but having the ability to have a night map that is not glaring white is a nice addition when you are driving around with the map on in the evening.I have read the other reviews and have a few words. * Yes, it is possible that there is not as much detail. I would assume Microsoft, like everyone else, purchases this information, so you will find that most products mimic the same routes, as there are few providers out there. I have not experienced any problems in my area, but I can see how this might be of concern. The naming of roads has always been a bit nasty, IMO, but I have not found a product that is a...
Keywords: Microsoft Streets and Trips,trip planning,scenic detours
Category: Communications :: Web/Video Cams
Platform: Windows
Type: Shareware Cost: $35.99 US
Size: 28 K Released: 2006-10-15
Company: Microsoft

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