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!#1st AceSpy Spy 3.4

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Description: AceSpy Spy Software v3.4 makes monitoring your PC as easy as checking your email.After you install it, AceSpy will begin SECRETLY recording EVERYTHING that is done on your computer!You can also use AceSpy to block web sites and programs by keyword, address or file name!AceSpy Spy Software makes it easy to secretly see what others do online. After you install it, AceSpy will begin secretly recording EVERYTHING that is done on your PC. AceSpy is COMPLETELY hidden from others. They won't know it's running unless you tell them!This premium spy software will immediately forward all of their emails directly to your personal email address. So when your child or spouse gets an email, it will be instantly sent to YOUR address. Then, if they reply to that person you'll receive an EXACT COPY of that as well!AceSpy will also immediately forward their instant messages and chats to your personal or private email address. The instant they finish their conversation, a real text log of the entire conversation will be forwarded to your personal email address.AceSpy helps protect against online predators. What if your child has a conversation with an online predator? AceSpy allows you to see the whole chat instantly after it happens, by checking your email. What if they had made arrangements to meet face-to-face?Along with recording, you can also block what they do online. Enter a list of applications or web sites that you want blocked. If anything on the list is encountered, AceSpy will immediately close it and send an alert to your mobile phone telling you exactly what happened!This new technology allows you to know when your child or spouse is viewing inappropriate material INSTANTLY, right on your mobile phone. Fifty free credits are included. SMS refills are $7.95 for fifty credits. This innovative feature cannot be found anywhere else.While AceSpy is the perfect tool for monitoring children online, it is ...
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Category: Communications :: Dial Up & Connection Tools
Platform: Windows
Type: Shareware Cost: $34.97 US
Size: 1240 K Released: 2006-10-26
Company: Retina-X Studios

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