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!#1st 4Pinball PPC Edition 4.0

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Description: 4Pinball takes pinball on the Pocket PC to new levels with fast, smooth, vertically scrolling hi-colour tables, much larger than the screen area of your PPC. This addictive and highly challenging game is possibly the most fun you'll have on your Pocket PC. We've never seen so many people in the 4Pockets office volunteer for testing! Just read our extensive feature list below to see what this amazing game offers. Originally developed for the IPAQ range of PPCs this product should work on other StrongARM processor machines. Just download the demo to test compatibilityMassive scrolling Pinball tables, 3 screens and more high Large scrolling playfields make play fast, easy on the eye, uncramped and spacious compared to other single screen PPC pinball games Includes 2 great tables with further expansion tables available. Each carefully crafted table features custom graphics and is packed with custom multi-channel sound effects and in-game speech. Smooth hi-color graphics with realistic ball movement at up to 50 fps Particle and lighting effects put to great use for smashing targets, ramming into catchers, ball launches and more Multiple flippers available (tables included feature 3) Zoom round loops, hurtle through warps, smash targets, bounce off bumpers and buffers Activate triggers, lock the ball in catchers, fly through spinners, open and close gates Bonus multiplyer and score multiplier systems with on-table display lights Extra Ball, Multi-Ball, Jackpot, Bumber Attack and Point Buster modes Multi directional touch screen tilt Fully definable key layouts with left and right handed screen modes Score millions and feel like a real man (or woman) with massive pinball style scores Hi-Scores for each table to record your epic games
Keywords: 4pinball,ppc,edition,4pockets,com,games,arcade,4pinballppcedition
Category: Business :: PIMS & Calendars
Platform: Windows
Type: Shareware Cost: $14.95 US
Size: 1240 K Released: 2006-10-26
Company: 4Pockets.com

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