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!#1st Chuzzle Deluxe Deluxe

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Description: Chuzzle Deluxe adds cute and fuzzy chuzzle characters to the move and match puzzle genre you and the rest of the world have come to love. Add incredibly large chuzzles, tons of combos, a trophy room for achieving great combos, and 4 types of games and Chuzzle Deluxe stands a bit above much of the competition. Classic Chuzzle is alot like the Bounce Out games where you shift an entire row of Chuzzles to make a grouping of 3 (doesn't have to be in a row). Make a certain number of matches and you are on to the next round where the game play gets a little tougher, the Chuzzle locks come a little more frequently, and the bonuses get higher. Speed Chuzzle challenges you to make matches quickly or else expect your chuzzles to start getting locked up. When you make matches, the speed bar will decrease, keeping those locks from making it on the game board. Zen Chuzzle is sort of like neverending game mode and adds more gigantic chuzzles when you reach "Zen" after a certain number of matches. Puzzle Chuzzle is alot like a Rubik's Cube with chuzzles. You are given a pattern to create and you must move the rows of chuzzles to match that pattern. Overall Chuzzle Deluxe is a fun game with continual action and that addictive quality that made its peers Bejeweled and Bounce Out so popular. Now go free some chuzzles! By playing Chuzzle Deluxe Full Version you can: -Stretch your mind by learning to think in news ways to create matches and combos-Enjoy a game you can relax with, stretch your brain with, or challenge friends with!-Try to get all the trophies and unlock the secret games found within.-Keep your interest in the game high with all 4 game modes, each with their unique challenge!
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Category: Business :: Math & Scientific Tools
Platform: Windows
Type: Shareware Cost: $19.95 US
Size: 8000 K Released: 2006-10-15
Company: PopCap Games

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