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!#1st DiskISE 5.1

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Description: Create completely encrypted hard drives, securely shred files and erase Internet and Windows history and registry entries. Also features a powerful automatic file shredder to automatically securely delete files as they are deleted, as well as an encrypted password manager, password creator, command prompt support, right click file encryption and much more.Key Features in the DiskISE-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Encrypted Drives - Encrypt files, hard drives, USB drives and CD/DVD's Secure Deletion - Permanently erase sensitive files from your PC Free - Free for personal use Full List of Security Toolkit Features What is the Security Toolkit?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------DiskISE is an incredibly useful piece of free software that allows you to create encrypted hard drives, encrypt your removable drives (USB, CD/DVD's, Firewire etc) and securely delete files, including Internet History, from your computer. Quick Features SummaryDiskISE Create Encrypted Hard Drive'sThe Security Toolkit allows you to create encrypted hard drives which automatically and transparently encrypt your files the instant you save them. DiskISE Encrypt USB / Firewire and Removable Hard DrivesUSB drives and Removable Hard Drives are great, but they can be a nightmare if they are lost or stolen. Using the Security Toolkit, you can encrypt your removable drives so that if they ever fall into the wrong hands they will be completely useless. Security Toolkit works by encrypting every sector, right from the boot sector, so all an attacker will see is an unformatted device filled will incomprehensible rubbish. DiskISE Secure History Eraser The Secure History Eraser can help you securely shred and erase your Internet History, recently opened files and modif...
Keywords: diskise,quantum,digital,security,utilities,security,encryption,diskise 5.1
Category: Business :: Inventory & Barcoding
Platform: Windows
Type: Shareware Cost: $49.95 US
Size: 5495 K Released: 2006-10-15
Company: Quantum Digital Security

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