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!#1st EasyNoter Pro 3.7

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Description: EasyNoter Pro 3.7 - Top rated Personal Information Manager / Organizer!"Still Haven't found that personal information manager (PIM) software that will work with you instead of against you? EasyNoter is a straight-forward easy-to-use PIM with all the power and flexibility you'll probably ever need...", "For the flexible ease of use, the new powerful features, and the empowerment you'll receive, it's well worth the investment."Preston GrallaExecutive EditorZDNet's AnchorDeskWhy EasyNoter Pro?EasyNoter offers probably most of the functionality you'll ever need packed in stylish and most of all, user friendly interface. Not only does it look good, it's very practical and easy to use as a paper day timer. It will help you organize your notes and addresses, keep diary, use reminder function and organize photographs within built in Photo Album. Full text search capabilities make notes retrieval a breeze while web and email connectivity makes them even more useful. EasyNoter Pro 3.7 To summarize:-EasyNoter Pro offers probably most of the functionality you'll ever need -It's very practical with user-friendly interface -It will help you organize your notes and addresses -It will help you organize your appointments -It will help you organize your images -It works fast and is very stable! EasyNoter Versions: LITE / STANDARD / PROEasyNoter is available in three versions LITE, STANDARD and PRO. EasyNoter LITE (FREEWARE) Ole linking and embeddingEmbed links to vital documents on your computer either as links or in editable form!Embedding images - Place images directly within your note.Opening external files at given time intervals - Open any file or run program by EasyNoter Reminder!QuickLaunch - QuickLaunch Phone dialer, Calculator, CD Player Windows Explorer or other programs. With EasyNoter STANDARD you also get:(BUY at $24.95)Full Scree...
Keywords: EasyNoter Lite, EasyNoter 3.7, Easy Noter, EasyNoter standart
Category: Business :: Helpdesk & Remote PC
Platform: Windows
Type: Shareware Cost: $34.95 US
Size: 3200 K Released: 2006-10-15
Company: Art Plus Software

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